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David F. Gabrielsen

David is an entrepreneur and family man. Experience Utah began from his own need to provide unique experiences for his own clients in his own businesses. He has a passion for giving back and finding ways to set his businesses apart. When David was a young boy his fathers boss used to allow them to stay at his cabin every summer and David would cry everytime they had to leave because he had such a great time. David wants to pass those experiences onto others through Experience Utah.

Ty Erickson

Ty is born and raised in Utah with a professional background in high level sales and marketing. Ty is what we would consider part of our welcoming committee and he handles the business side including invitations, marketing and making sure your experience goes flawlessly. He loves the experiences we offer so you will find him involved in any experiences he is available for. Ty has always followed what is happening in Utah closely. You tell him what your passions are and he will show you where and what to do in Utah. Experience Utah has given him the tools to give business's and people the experience of a lifetime regardless of the season. If you can't find Ty, he has probably snuck off with his wife Saren, and his two boys Noah and True to Experience Utah.

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