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Wifi Network: Experience Utah-Park City

Password: ThaynesCanyon78


Check-in is after 2p on your arrival date. If an earlier check-in time is needed, please arrange with Experience Utah.

Upon arrival, please inspect the home for cleanliness. If anything is unacceptable please do not hesitate to call, text, or email Experience Utah.

Please report any complaints about the property immediately upon arrival.

Home Procedures

Refrigerator / Freezer / Trash Pick Up

Please wait 24 hours for the refrigerator & freezer to adjust if you are filling them with food.

There are two separate bins for the trash and recycling, they are located in the kitchen. The garbage bin under the large kitchen sink is for garbage (i.e. food) the pull-out trash in the middle island is used for recycling only (i.e. paper & plastic) it is located on the island to the right of the smaller sink. The cardboard must be broken down and put in the large recycling bin separately. Trash & recycling must be taken out to the large garbage bins next to the main garage door. Trash is picked up every Wednesday a.m., please take all garbage out and roll the bin to the edge of the driveway Tuesday p.m.


The downstairs thermostat is set at 69; do not put the thermostat below 66 or above 72. The unit could freeze and a technician may need to be called. The upstairs thermostat is set at 70 and is kept in the off position. If you are in the home and upstairs feel free to leave the unit on. If you leave, please make sure it is turned off. The upstairs heats and cools very quickly.

Amazon Echo

We have Amazon Echo’s located throughout the home for your use with music, weather, directions, etc. You can place them in guest mode by telling them to go into a guest mode so you can access your preferences, but feel free to use as-is. If you are wondering how to use it, you can google it and it will show you command. “Hey, Alexa” will start the command.


The TVs and theater are operated with a ROKU which has streaming services as well as the Xfinity app for live TV. You can log in and use your own accounts for each streaming service.


The theater is operated with a projector, amplifier, and ROKU. Please make sure all three are on and the ROKU menu is showing.


The BBQ runs on a direct gas line, so all you need to do is turn on the gas a little on the ignitor knob and hold down the ignite button on the BBQ. If you cannot hear the ignitor clicking, then it may need new batteries. If the igniter is not working, you can manually start, the BBQ is hooked straight into the gas line from the house.

Fireplace Use

The living room fireplace is gas & wood burning. To light the fireplace, look for the long silver key to the left of the fireplace DO NOT PULL THE KEY OUT!!! This can cause the key to come out of place and getting it back into its position can be time-consuming. Place logs in the fireplace, additional logs can be purchased through us or at any of the grocery stores in town. Turn the key slightly to the left until you hear the gas coming out of the fireplace. Light the fireplace, as soon as the logs catch please turn off the gas. The 2 fireplaces in the master bedroom are turned on with the switch next to the fireplace. The fireplace in the apartment is turned on & off by the switch to the left-located on the wall.


The gas key and lighter for the fire pit should be located below the glass cupboards in the kitchen. Light a piece of paper and place it in the firepit then slowly turn the gas on.


The copper RO faucet on the island sink is drinking water. Park City water has a high mineral content; normal sink water is safe to drink- it just tastes funny.

Keurig Machine

Coffee supplies are in the drawer below the Keurig. Go to the following link for instructions on how to use:


Anything left out is for your use, however, if you use the last of something please kindly replace it.

Vacuum/Cleaning Products/Garbage Bags:

The vacuum is in the closet under the stairs, the closet does contain some personal belongings of the owners, please only use the vacuum. The mop & broom are located in the coat closet in the laundry room. All other cleaning products are located in the skinny cabinets to the sides of the kitchen sink and under the sink in the laundry room. Garbage bags for the garbage can under the sink are located to the right of the kitchen sink in the skinny cabinets.

Extra Linens

There are extra towels and king sheets for the master located in the closet of the master bathroom. Extra towels and queen/twin sheets are located in each upstairs room. Towels are under the sink and blankets & sheets are in the closets.

Washing Machines

There are two washing machines and dryers located in the home. The washer downstairs in the laundry room and the washing machine on the 2nd floor is in the apartment. We have left a couple of detergent pods for your use. The washing machine is very user-friendly. If you have any specific questions do not hesitate to call or text us.

Dining Table

The large dining table is raw wood. Any heat or liquid or excess pressure applied to it will stain or ruin the wood. Please do not use the table as a writing desk or for children to play on. If you decide to use the large dining table to eat please lay the roll of plastic down under the tablecloth (they are located in the cabinet to the east of the dining table. There are also placemats available for your use.

Hot Tub

The hot tub is maintained weekly. If you notice a man in the backyard, he is the hot tub guy. Do not be alarmed. The hot tub is ready to use at any time you would like, you do not need to adjust anything. Please make sure the lid is placed back on the hot tub when finished using and buckles are fastened.

Snow Shoveling:

The driveway and front door walkway are heated and should be clear during the winter months, if it is not, please let us know.

Owners Mail or Packages That Arrive During Your Stay:

There is a chance package or mail may arrive during your stay. Please leave them by the front door. We also may have scheduled someone to pick up our mail during your stay, if you see someone getting mail out of the mailbox- do not be alarmed.

Water Feature

Please stay out of the water feature, it is for looks only.


Check-out is at 11:00 a.m. unless other arrangements have been made. Our cleaning company will arrive at 11:00 a.m.


Please place all dishes in the dishwasher and start it prior to you leaving. Please clean the BBQ if you used it during your stay.


Please remove all food you brought from the kitchen and refrigerator.


Please leave wet or dirty towels & washcloths in the tub or shower of the room they come from. Place all soiled linens and array towels in or on top of the washing machine. Place all couch blankets and extra blankets that were used during your stay in the laundry room of the floor they came from. If you know that you will be leaving more than two loads of laundry, please start a load of laundry the morning you leave. Our housekeeper is on a limited schedule.


Make sure all trash is taken out to the large garbage bins on your departure.

Upstairs Heat/All Lights/T.V.s:

Please make sure the heat upstairs is turned off, as well as all TVs and lighting.

Final Personal Item Check:

Check for all personal items in closets, drawers, and public areas. If you forget anything, please contact us as soon as possible.

Park City House Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, the following rules have been put in place

  • No smoking of any type allowed anywhere on the property
  • No pets allowed
  • Please be respectful of neighbors with noise and conduct (quiet time from 10p to 8a)
  • Please notify Ty Erickson by phone or text (801-913-4896) with pictures of anything that is broken or needs repair
  • Please do your best to leave home in the condition you received it
  • Please limit occupancy to 12 people
  • Please do not move furniture
  • Please do not touch media/electronic equipment in main room cabinets (see instructions to use)
  • Please stay out of water feature
  • Please supervise children in/around hot tub