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What is the DFG Alton House address?

  • 75 North 200 East Alton, Utah

Is there grocery or shopping close by?

  • Yes. Phillips 66 gas station in Alton (US-89 & UT-14, Alton, UT 84710) 8.8 miles away Grocery stores in Orderville (65 N Main St, Orderville, UT 84758) 13.4 miles as well as Panguitch (10 S Main St, Panguitch, UT 84759) 36.3 miles

What do we need to do when we arrive?

  • You can access the house by entering the code texted to you on the deadbolt on the front door. Please text Ty Erickson for code if you have not received at 801-913-4896. You will want to make sure the temperature is comfortable. For AC the control is at the top of the stairs. If using the AC you will also want to turn on the fan above the kitchen/family room. For heat you can use the fire places as well as the space heaters in each room. PLEASE DO NOT MOVE SPACE HEATERS.

What do we need to do when we leave?

  • Follow check out list.

How does the TV work?

  • There is a separate control for the TV and DVD player. Make sure the TV is on the correct input for the device you are trying to use. We have streaming ROKU’s, DVD and a PlayStation 4 upstairs.

Is there Wi-Fi/internet?

  • Yes. The network name is: Experience Utah-Alton Password: 4356483335

How do you start the fire pit?

  • This is a gas fire pit. The key is located on the bottom side. Open the gas by turning the key to the left. Light with match or piece of paper. Make sure the gas is turned off after you are done. Lighters are located in the kitchen drawer.

Is there a furnace/heater?

  • Yes upstairs, but heat throughout the house is done with space heaters.

Are pets allowed?

  • No.

Is smoking allowed?

  • No.

How do we use the hot tub?

  • See instructions by the hot tub.

Is there a church in Alton?

  • Yes, there is a Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints (Mormon) in the town that starts at 10 am every Sunday you are welcome to attend.

Who do we call for maintenance?

  • Call or text Ty Erickson 801-913-4896

Can we use the land line at the house?

  • Yes, you can. No long-distance (out of state) calls, please. The phone number is: 435-648-3335

Are there additional towels and sheets we can use?

  • Additional towels and blankets are located in the downstairs linen closet, master closet, and in the mudroom/laundry room. The sheets are in the cupboard above the washer and dryer.

Are there extra mattresses?

  • Yes, the upstairs couches in the loft have fold-out beds. Also, there are extra mattresses in the basement in the closet underneath the stairs.

Can we use the pool table?

  • Yes, you can. Please replace pool sticks after use and handle the pool table with care. A ping pong table is also available, located near the pool table.

Do we need to lock the doors at night?

  • Alton is a small community without much traffic so it’s normally very safe, but feel free to lock doors.

Are there skewers for the fire pit?

  • Yes, there are. They are located in the rustic buckets around the fire pit.

Where is the nearest hospital?

  • Garfield Memorial Hospital 200 N 400 E St, Panguitch, UT 84759 (39 mins away) There is also an ambulance located in Alton. Call 911 in case of emergency.

Can kids ride on the off road track?

  • Yes and no. The track is available for use with your own equipment and with a signed waiver. Unfortunately, due to liability and maintenance, the ATVs at the house are for the owner’s use only.

What do we do if something breaks?

  • Please notify Ty Erickson by phone or text with a picture of what is wrong 801-913-4896.

How do we operate outdoor lights?

  • The on/off switch is located at the bottom of each light pole.

What if we smell sewage?

  • This house has a self-contained sewage system, at times there may be a slight sewage smell. If smell persists please contact Ty Erickson 801-913-4896 or put vinegar or septic cleaner in the drain between washer and dryer.

What do we do with excess trash?

  • Trash needs to be taken out to 200 East Street every Thursday morning before 11a.

Can we use ATVs in the garage?

  • Unfortunately due to liability and maintenance the equipment in the garage is reserved for the owners only. However, we have great partners that can supply any of your equipment needs. Just ask!

Alton House Rules

For the safety and enjoyment of everyone, the following rules have been put in place.

  • No smoking of any kind allowed anywhere on the property


  • No Pets allowed


  • Please put all trash from inside the house and out on the property in the brown trash container in front of the garage. Trash needs to be taken to street every Thursday by 10a.


  • Guests shall not discharge firearms or use fireworks of any kind on the property in accordance with the State of Utah and Kane County laws. A firework show is put on at the park on the 4th of July.


  • You will be asked to sign a waiver of liability, by signing, you do signify that you take full responsibility for the safety and health of any guests as well as property damage to the DFG Alton House.


  • Hot tub should be entered at your own risk. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Food is not allowed in hot tub. We are not responsible for any jewelry or clothing damage if worn in the hot tubs. A shower should be taken before entering the hot tubPlease read manual provided for hot tub instructions.


  • Our house is located in a residential area and guests are expected to respect the privacy and peace of our neighbors. Loud parties or inappropriate behavior are not allowed at any time. Quiet time is from 11p to 7a.


  • Please notify Ty Erickson by phone or text (801-913-4896) with pictures if you see anything that is broken or needs repair.


  • All kids need to be supervised by an adult at all times while on property


  • Upon departure, please leave outside property grounds in the condition you received it. Make sure outside grounds are in good order for next guests.


  • Do not enter basement storage/utility room or trailers located outside. (Do Not Enter sign posted)

Alton House checkout list


  • Take out all trash to the garbage cans on side of the garage


  • Please wash all of your towels prior to departure


  • Leave used beds undone so the maids know to clean


  • Load and run the dishwasher


  • Remove all items you brought in the refrigerator


  • Turn off lights, ceiling fans or other electronics.


  • In winter, turn heat to 58º F. In summer, turn air conditioning to 75º F


  • Lock the doors, close the windows, and leave the keys inside the lockbox.


  • Please sign our guestbook and follow us on social media.


  • Please depart by 11am so we can prepare the house for our next set of guests


  • Clean outdoor property (sweep sand/rocks off sidewalks, place outdoor toys in garage, etc.)


  • Turn hot tub temperature down to 94º


  • Have a safe journey home!